Friday, September 27, 2013

75,000 Page Views in a Month

Thank you Lord for everyone who keeps checking out the website. We are up to almost 75,000 page views already this month! That's pretty cool ya know. And NO- it's not coming from the 755 people that have "liked" the Facebook page. There are almost 6,000 people on Google+ too. Anyway- Bless God for all that! Now- if only I could get paid for doing this for a living. Hmmmmm. Hellooooo Jesus! 

The Axis Youth Group- High School Senior Guys representin' in 2013-14.  Can't wait to create some great memories and amazing adventures with these young men.  Mostly I can't wait to teach them how to be a man of God and change the world.  Easy, right? :)

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