Friday, September 27, 2013

Wouldn't this look lovely turned into a nice 1,000 piece puzzle?
While driving back home to Goshen from Fort Wayne today I happened upon several pretty cool scenes in the country.  I wish I could turn some of these into a puzzle or a paint by numbers thing for my kids.  I'm sure someone on the internet has a business doing such things but for now I'll suffice to enjoy this photo I suppose.  I did have an interesting encounter with satan though that's worth telling.

You know how I am always searching to see Jesus in the world, right?  I have many stories that I've shared where I know I'd seen Jesus- in person.  Well this isn't one of those stories.  In fact, I think I met the anti-Jesus today.  I truly wondered if I might have come across satan in person today while traveling home.  Apparently satan is not a fan of the DNR- the Department of Natural Resources.  And why would he be with all their work to protect things that God made?

So the story goes that I'm listening to Matthew West on the radio, driving past this corn field:
This is the spot where I met satan.
and all the rolling hills were so hypnotic I decided to turn around and come back to take this picture.

You can't actually see the nice rolling hills that made it worth stopping because I couldn't get to the right angle but it was a neat scene.  I'll have to go back and find another way of capturing the vast fields of corn and hills that seemed quite peaceful, almost divine really.  Who would have thought the beautiful fields of the Lord were being farmed by satan?  I happened to be driving a plain white mini-van that we use at work and I pulled over into a short drive where it was obvious tractors entered and exited the fields.  I didn't think anything of pulling over and parking there because there was no one around and I was only going to be a few minutes.  So I walked down the road a ways looking for an angle until I came to this spot which is about the best I was going to get unless I went exploring.  And I didn't have time to explore today.

As I turned to come back to the van suddenly- out of nowhere there was a dark red flatbed truck that had pulled in directly behind my van.  A gruff and angry looking farmer sat in the truck watching me walk back.  I figured that I must have blocked the entrance to the fields and maybe he was upset because you know farmers are always in a hurry to get back to the fields and all.  So I prepared my jovial, super pleasant, "howdy partner" kind of attitude and greeted him with immediate apologies for inconveniencing his right of way.  He immediately began grilling me. 

"Who are you?" 
"What are you doing?"
"Why are you here?"
"What's that for?"

I smiled politely and replied simply that I loved the landscape and had stopped to take some pictures of it.  He asked, "Are you with the DNR?"  I confirmed that I was not.  Then he says- "Well, it's a good thing I left my gun in the truck, eh?"  And he smiled.  Now, don't get me wrong- he really wasn't entirely rude or impolite, just very intense and he just had a bad spirit about him.  Now I don't know if satan makes his way around the world impersonating people like Jesus does.  Jesus made it very clear that "inasmuch as you do to the least of these, you've done it unto Me" and so anytime I meet someone that is "the least of these" I know it's Jesus.  And since satan is the exact opposite of Jesus, I always assumed that satan was represented by "the most of these" or the ones who are so full of themselves that they are attention mongers.  You know like Miley Cyrus or Beyonce.  They could totally be satan.  Not kidding.  :)

Anyway-  this satan, impersonating a farmer, slowly backed his satan-red truck out and said good bye.  satan can be polite ya know.  He's not always the scary, dark, sinister evil that you see in the movies.  He also comes to us as an angel of light, or an irritated farmer paranoid about the DNR?  Yeah, I suppose it sounds a little grandiose but it sure felt all satany.  Nonetheless, I got my shot and high tailed it outta there speaking the name of Jesus as I often do anyway.  :)

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